$475.00   7' or 8'  3-pc. slate tables

$600.00   9' 3-pc. slate pool table

$525.00   7' 1-pc. slate pool tables

​$650.00   8' 1-pc. slate pool tables

Additional New cloth installed during move

$250.00   7'-8'-9' recovery Standard Cloth

$400.00   7'-8'-9' recovery Tournament cloth




Disassemble & Reassemble

​Slate Crating

​It's worth paying a professional to protect your table & your home!

​Make sure it will fit!

$40.00    If you are looking at buying a coin-op style pool table​ test your stairway before you commit. We can use our PVC frame that is the same size as a 7' or 8' coin-op table to make sure it will fit around a corner or thru a landing in your staircase. If it will fit your $40 payment will be subtracted from the cost of your move. 

Disassemble pool table and move in our vehicle. Reassemble at another location, using the same cloth that was on it.

We recommend our ball polishing

service when you schedule a recovery to

help extend the life of your new cloth!

​$250.00    Crate each piece of slate for transport.

                 (Check with your moving company if crating is required)

                 (We are not responsible for damage to slate during transit)

​​​​Dollie pool table 

$275.00   New Standard rubber cushions installed with new facings.

                (installation has to be done at our shop & may take 2-3 days)

$400.00   New rubber cushions installed (Brunswick Superspeed / Olhausen Accufast) with new facings.

We use a commercial grade ball buffing machine to restore your billiard balls & make them shine like new again. Buffing the chalk, dirt & grime off your billiard balls will create less friction & wear on your cloth. This will help your cloth hold it's color longer & play faster. We can clean them right at your home while we service your pool table. You may also drop them off at Mason's Billiards & Barstools in Maumee Ohio.



Ball Polishing



Don't forget to order a dozen chalk 

to match your new cloth color,  just $8.00

Pricing does not include sales tax, travel fees for out of area distances. Prices subject to change with out notice.


$120.00   Dollie pool table to another area & relevel

                 (adding shims under legs only)

$180.00   Put table on custom dollies for carpet installers

                to move around. Returning on another day to 

​                remove dollies & relevel.

Installing Standard home grade cloth on  the rails and slate, check & adjust the  level and reseal the seams. 

** Installing Tournament grade cloth.        (Brunswick Centennial/Simonis)  

$200.00   Disassemble table box small parts & leave parts in same room.

$250.00   Disassemble table carry parts to garage.

$250.00   Reassemble table using the same cloth that was on it. (all parts in the room)

$300.00   Reassemble table using the same cloth that was on it. (carry parts in from garage)

Additional new cloth installed during reassembly

​$250.00   7'-8'-9' recovery Standard cloth   

$400.00   7'-8'-9' recovery Tournament cloth   

​Sports Fans Add $30.00 to 2-tone your table for example: 

Buckeye Fans love Red slate Gray ​rails!!  Standard grade cloth only

Steeler Fans Gold rails Black slate!!

 ​Old bar table with stripped out rail screws? We can insert t-nuts with rail bolts.

Replacement parts (pockets, corners, liners, gully boots, coin-mech.  etc.)

​Call for pricing.

$350.00   7' *

$375.00   8' *

​$450.00   9' ​*

$550.00   7' **

$575.00   8' **

​$650.00   9' ​**